Call for Papers

Machine Learning

  • Computational Learning Theory and Applications
  • Knowledge Discovery and Acquisition
  • Cognitive Modelling and Data Analysis Techniques
  • Hybrid Learning Algorithms
  • Data and Knowledge Representation Models
  • Deep Learning Approaches
  • Mutli-agent Systems and Learning Models
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval Techniques
  • Reinforcement Learning Approaches
  • Fuzzy-based Learning Approaches
  • Machine Learning for Web and Social Network Mining
  • Intelligent Feature Extraction Techniques
  • Mobile Data Mining and Analysis
  • Parallel and Distributed Learning Algorithms
  • Statistical and Analytical Learning
  • Scalability and Reliability of Learning Algorithms

Autonomous Systems

  • Theoretical Foundations for Autonomous Systems
  • Complex and Adaptive Autonomous Systems
  • Autonomous Computing Platforms and Applications
  • Cognition-Inspired Autonomous Systems
  • Multi-Autonomous Systems and Applications
  • Autonomous Algorithms and Models
  • Adaptive and Autonomous Robots
  • Real-Time Autonomous Systems
  • Smart and Distributed Autonomous Systems
  • Autonomous Software and Operating Systems
  • Autonomous Sensors and Embedded Systems
  • Optimization and Control Algorithms for Autonomous Systems
  • Novel Control Models and Structures for Autonomous Systems
  • Learning, Adaptation, and Estimation Methods for Autonomous Systems
  • Innovative Applications of Autonomous Systems: Healthcare, Agriculture, Industries, Military, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Education, and So On.