Registration Fee

Indian Participant: 10,500 INR
Foreign Participant: 150 USD

Indian Participant: 7500 INR
Foreign Participant: 100 USD

Registration fee includes, Participation in all the technical session and keynote program, Lunch, Coffee/Tea Breaks, Conference Proceedings, Certificates to all the authors, Conference Kit - Bag, Notepad, Pen etc.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

For cancellations and refund, author should send prior withdrawal request to the conference committee with a proper reason by September 2022. After the approval of the committee, 50% of registration fee is refundable for requests made 60 days before the conference, 25% of registration fee is refundable for requests made 30 to 60 days before the conference and no refunds for requests made less than 30 days before the conference and also the final paper removed from the conference proceeding. If we find any post conference plagiarism issue, the final paper will not be considered for publication and the entire registration fee will not be refunded.

Note: Plagiarism is the sole responsibility of authors.

All authors mentioned in the article at the time of submission must sign a consent letter for the withdrawal request.

Registration Documents required for Publication:
  1. Source file of Final paper (.word file or Latex source file)
    All the equations and tables should be in Editable format

  2. Publishing Agreement:
    Corresponding Author should sign the document (Either Scanned PDF or Use Digital Signature)
    No need to enter the Delivery Date.
    Convert into PDF and then use an online PDF editor tool for signature.

  3. Permission Request form: If authors used any third part material (image, Photo, dataset), please get permission from the respective authorities to publish in this article. If not, please ignore this form.

  4. Payment Screenshot: Successful payment screenshot either in picture of pdf format is required.

Send all the above documents to the conference emailid: