Call for Papers

Machine Learning

Computational Learning Theory and Applications
Knowledge Discovery and Acquisition
Cognitive Modelling and Data Analysis Techniques
Hybrid Learning Algorithms
Data and Knowledge Representation Models
Deep Learning Approaches
Mutli-agent Systems and Learning Models
Support Vector Machine
Intelligent Information Retrieval Techniques
Reinforcement Learning Approaches
Fuzzy-based Learning Approaches
Machine Learning for Web and Social Network Mining
Intelligent Feature Extraction Techniques
Mobile Data Mining and Analysis
Parallel and Distributed Learning Algorithms
Statistical and Analytical Learning
Scalability and Reliability 0f Learning Algorithms

Autonomous Systems

Theoretical Foundations for Autonomous Systems
Complex and Adaptive Autonomous Systems
Autonomous Computing Platforms and Applications
Cognition-Inspired Autonomous Systems
Multi-Autonomous Systems and Applications
Autonomous Algorithms and Models
Adaptive and Autonomous Robots
Real-Time Autonomous Systems
Smart and Distributed Autonomous Systems
Autonomous Software and Operating Systems
Autonomous Sensors and Embedded Systems
Optimization and Control Algorithms for Autonomous Systems
Novel Control Models and Structures for Autonomous Systems
Learning, Adaptation, and Estimation Methods for Autonomous Systems
Innovative Applications of Autonomous Systems: Healthcare, Agriculture, Industries, Military, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Education, and So On.